Take the Challenge! A 4 Week Self- Care Challenge That Will Change Your Life

Have you read some of our recent articles on self-care and are excited to start making some real and positive changes in your life but don’t quite know what you should start with?

There are so many aspects of self-care that it can be hard to narrow it down to just one starting point. 

Well, you’re in luck. We here at Better Change Project have come up with a 4-week, self-guided challenge to help you get started on your journey and to build real, lasting, positive changes! 

Each week we will focus on tasks for different aspects of self-care. These can include categories like emotional health, spiritual health, mental health, and more! 

In these categories will be two or three tasks you can chose from that best fit your individual lifestyle and needs. What works for one person may not work for another. 

You can also choose to skip over a task if you are not ready to tackle that area of your life yet. This challenge is simply a guide; use it as an example to find a system that really works for you. 

If you find that something is too difficult to tackle or that you are over pushing yourself, simply move on. You can choose to come back to the task later or to tackle it when you have more of a support system. 

Challenging yourself and taking a leap of faith is never bad but pushing yourself past the limits of your emotional and mental health is. Everyone’s pace is different. What may take someone a week to get down could take another a year. What matters is that the change is happening little by little. 

How to Complete this Challenge:

This challenge consists of 4 weeks.

Challenge Complete/ Continuing Good Habits

Each week read the corresponding article and plan out which challenges you will be taking on. We recommend you complete a task from each category, but you only need to choose one. If you find you would like to do more than one task from each category, feel free to try the challenge again after completion! You can only keep building better habits. 

While this is meant to be a self-guided challenge, feel free to have a support buddy or system as you move through the weeks. You may find that you work better with an accountability partner. 

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And if you find that you still are having a difficult time with these tasks, or any aspect of changing your life for the better, remember there is nothing wrong with reaching out to a therapist for help. Therapists are here to help with anything from overcoming bad habits like overeating or having trouble focusing, to bigger issues like overcoming trauma and helping you discover what behaviors have stemmed from these issues. 

Finally, feel free to keep a journal (or a spreadsheet, note on your phone, etc.) to help you track your progress and thoughts as you progress through the challenge. 


Click here to begin Week 1 of the challenge! 

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