Starting A Gratitude/Blessing Journal Will Change Your Life Forever

If someone asked you to list the things you are thankful for, do you know right now what you would write down?

Some of us could start to list things without hesitation – family, friends, having a job we love.

Others might struggle to even name one thing they are thankful for.

But starting a gratitude journal will get you in the habit of taking deliberate action to write down your daily blessings. 

And as a result, your entire life can change from this simple act. 

The Importance of Gratitude

Our attitudes can push us to the next level, or severely cripple us from moving forward.

If you are the type of person who always finds what’s wrong with a situation, and never seeks to appreciate anything, chances are you probably struggle with feeling joyful.

And I get it, sometimes it’s hard to find joy in anything when life seems too much.

But the truth is, there are always things we can be thankful for, even if they don’t seem apparent.

By developing a habit of gratitude, you can begin to overcome stress by focusing on the positive areas of your life, instead of always dwelling on the negative. 

In fact, Psychology Today reports gratitude can even improve your physical and psychological health.

As a bonus, studies show your newfound appreciation can even help you strengthen your relationships and make new friends. 

How to Begin

First, select a cute new journal to start your project! Or, if you’re taking our no-spend challenge, a simple notepad will work too.

Then, at the end of each day take a moment to reflect and write down one or two things (or more if you’d like) that you’re grateful for.

They could be as small as “no traffic on the way home” or big like “my mom’s cancer is in remission.”

By taking time to write down what you are thankful for, you can start to see the blessings in disguise that are part of your everyday life. 

Go Deep

The more you begin to write the things you are thankful for, the greater you will start to find things to appreciate each day.

You can begin to take your gratitude journal a step further and expand on different topics – such as writing out why you’re thankful for your spouse or your job.

By spending time writing out the things you appreciate in your life, you’ll gain insight into your own thoughts, and are bound to find new ways to celebrate those special people in your life.

Thankful For The Bad Times 

When the storms come (and they will) – you can look back on your gratitude journal and realize that even though this season may be difficult, you can still find things to be thankful for. 

Even better, because you are in the habit of writing down at least one thing every single day you are thankful for, this habit will carry you through the tough times.

Learning to praise God in the storm of life, is something that isn’t always easy but is something we should strive to do.

If you’re really feeling down, flip back through your journal and read through all the blessings you’ve experienced in your life.

It’s hard to stay upset when you realize how much you have to celebrate. 

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Give Yourself Grace

If you’re not used to this exercise it might be hard to get started.

But if you get in the habit of taking even a few moments to document what you’re thankful for, you might even grow to look forward to this moment every night!

And as your gratitude journal grows, continue to thank God for the big and small ways He has blessed you.

Developing a heart of gratitude will cause you to appreciate the beauty of life and not take one single moment for granted. 

Do you have a gratitude journal you write in?  

If not, would you be up to the challenge of starting one?

What are some things you are thankful for in your life?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your family and friends! 


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