Here’s Why Keeping Up With The Joneses Is Making You Miserable

So many people fall into the trap of spending all their money trying to impress people…

…often people they don’t even like.

Society has set up the myth that for one to “fully arrive” and reach a certain social status they must obtain a certain level of prestige obtained only by having the very best wardrobe, home, and car.

And as more and more people are throwing their money away on material goods – studies reveal these same people are seemingly unhappy.

If you’re one of the people trying to “Keep Up With The Joneses” chances are you’re miserable – and here’s why. 

It Makes You Broke 

By focusing so much on material things, you begin to forget the most important thing – people.

So many folks insist on working long hours or multiple jobs not to make ends meet – but to be able to “afford” the lifestyle they think society wants them to have.

They purchase ridiculously expensive cars with high interest loans and housing they can’t afford.

Credit cards get maxed out having to constantly “keep up” with Sunday brunches and the latest wardrobe.

Pretty soon, you start to look around your circle of friends and realize everyone is trying to impress or outdo the other – talking about vacation homes and material goods.

Before you know it – you’re broke and miserable – not to mention surrounded by people who are unauthentic and consumed with material stuff.

Live a lifestyle you can afford – yes this means being open to purchasing a used car and shopping at discount stores.

Spend your money cultivating relationships – people are more important than things.

Constant Pressure To Impress Other People

When you are so focused on getting the very best to impress other people you put a great deal of pressure on yourself.

You feel the need to work more, be more, do more, have more – instead of just living life and enjoying the present.

And when you try and constantly impress other people, you begin to slowly compare yourself to them and envy what they have.

No two people are alike – give up the need to impress people and use your talents and gifts to cultivate your own life.

You Lose Your Identity 

Do you even know what you like anymore?

By following the trends of society and wearing the latest fashions and purchasing the latest gadgets just because everyone else is, you slowly begin to lose your identity.

You become an altered version of yourself – and often don’t realize it until you are broke, miserable, and alone. 

Instead of wearing or acting as society thinks you “should” – be your own person.

If you like wearing a certain style that is considered “dated” by elitist fashion goers – who cares!

Own who you are without apology.

Don’t fall prey to the pressure to have to keep purchasing material possessions in order to “arrive” by society’s standards.

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Less is definitely more. 

How To Break The Cycle

One of the ways you can break the cycle is to stop spending!

Create a budget and see what you can realistically afford.  Downsize to a smaller place and consider selling your car for something more affordable if you are really in a bind.

Start to re-identify with who you are – write in your gratitude journal and start to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with people.

When you start to develop a new circle of friends who don’t care what you wear or what you drive – you’ll feel less pressure to keep on a fake front of “having the perfect life.”

Do you ever feel pressure to “Keep Up With The Joneses”?

What are some ways you’ve been able to break free from the vicious cycle?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your family and friends! 

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