Here’s Why Introverts Make The Best Leaders

When people are asked to describe the characteristics of a good leader, many think a leader should have a commanding presence and charismatic personality – coupled with a loud and booming voice.

The quiet girl who doesn’t seem to speak up (often) at meetings – although when she does has insightful comments – often gets overlooked as a leader.

But nowadays, businesses are learning it is often the soft-spoken humble types that make the best leaders – that is if they are given the opportunity. 

Introverts are often misunderstood – but they shouldn’t be discredited.

Here’s why introverts are some of the best leaders out there. 

They Aren’t Attention Seeking

Introverts are more than happy to lead from behind, putting the spotlight on their employees rather than themselves.

They don’t need the attention and public praise, and they enjoy highlighting the strengths of their team, which in turn increases employee morale.

A good leader knows it’s not about them, but it’s about the whole team. 

With many leaders having narcissistic traits who only care about personal advancement – this contrast can be refreshing. 

Calming Presence 

Introverts are not known to be impulsive and reactionary.

In fact, they are often the calmest person in the room – especially in moments of chaos and crisis. 

While others are fighting to get their views heard, the introvert leader is usually silent, as they are thinking carefully on what to say.

Once all the noise settles – when the introvert finally does speak it usually takes others by surprise as their contribution is usually spot on. 

Good Communicators 

Introverts prefer 1:1 and small group discussions to large group meetings, and this preference can help them to communicate deeply with their team.

So many employees feel “unheard” – when simply providing a 1:1 meeting with their supervisor would do the trick.

Introverted bosses know the key to employee productivity is giving them a chance to be heard and have their ideas listened to. 

Often times the extrovert boss is quick to dismiss ideas from others – even if unintentionally. 

And many extroverted bosses with “commanding” personalities frighten employees – and it is only the “fear” of their boss that keeps them in check.

But there’s a difference between ruling by fear, and choosing to follow someone because you respect the way they lead. 

And since introverts are thoughtful on their responses, they are less likely to fire off a passive aggressive email or make a snarky comment.

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Don’t Dismiss The Power Of An Introvert!

If you have an employee you are considering for a leadership position – don’t be so quick to write them off for being “too quiet.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every single introvert makes a good leader.  A leader will still have to make tough decisions and lead with wisdom.

But if you’re looking to try a different type of leadership style – check out the introverts around you!

Their hidden brilliance just might be exactly what you are looking for! 

Do you agree introverts make the best leaders?

What are some characteristics you think make up a good leader?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your family and friends! 

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