Here’s The Truth About Fad Diets

It seems we hear about a different fad diet every day. 

But in between the diet teas which have been proven to be ineffective and the crash diets that leave you starving, it’s no wonder that fad diets always have a bad rap. 

And they should—most fad diets are grossly unhealthy and lead to medical issues if done long term. 

We see fit, trim celebrities promoting the latest diet shakes and diets, and long to look like that. 

Just look at the Kardashians for instance—one, Khloe, is under fire for promoting diet tea while Kourtney is on the keto diet “again.”

But what the tabloids don’t show you are the hundreds of thousands they poured into personal trainers, personal chefs, and even plastic surgery tactics. 

It just goes to show that fad diets promoted by A-listers and billion-dollar big pharma companies are only money makers and not the secret to perfect health or weight loss. 

In short, drinking a $40 pack of tea won’t make you magically look like Khloe Kardashian.

But this begs the question—are there fad diets that not only work but may better your health? 

*Please note: the research in this article is never meant to replace the advice of a medical professional, only to bring awareness to the subject. 

Keto: Blessing or Bust?

Low-carb diets have historically been successful in weight loss. 

A more extreme version of a low carb diet is the Keto diet, which is the latest fad diet that may actually be one of the few “real deal” fad diets. 

Check out our article that discusses the Keto diet in detail.

Plant-Based, All the Way

I could sit here and write article after article praising the vegan diet. 

Cutting out meat was easy for me and helped my inflammation dramatically while cutting out dairy was much harder, but cured my acne. Apparently, I developed an allergy to eggs in my young adult life, so that was a choice that was made for me. 

I stopped eating meat to live a cruelty-free and more eco-friendly lifestyle, but I stayed vegan because it truly made me a healthier person. 

Not to say I don’t miss non-vegan food. I absolutely crave ice cream, and God help me if I drive past a Popeyes and smell that fried chicken. 

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But cutting out animal products has helped to reduce the inflammation in my joints, fixed my digestion issues, and cleared up my skin dramatically. 

I can’t say I have personally lost weight solely from eating a vegan diet, but veganism has been known to lead to weight loss—even if it’s only from cutting out all the fast food. 

Detox Teas and Everything In Between 

We wrote an entire article about why detox teas and the like are horrible for you. Just don’t even go there. 

However, there is some benefit to drinking healthy, organic protein shakes as meal replacements. 

For example, I love drinking Vega One’s Cold Brew Protein Powder shakes in the morning. If I feel like living on the edge, I’ll blend it with soy creamer, ice, and soy milk and make a frozen protein coffee. This is a great option for both the vegan and keto diets! 

Have you tried a fad diet that didn’t go the way you thought? Have you had success with any diet in the past? Share in the comments section below! 


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