Develop And Cultivate Habits You Can Actually Keep

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just suddenly stop all of your bad habits and live the life you’ve always wanted?

Or perhaps you’ve kicked bad habits but you want to start incorporating healthy habits into your life, but you don’t know where to start.

The key to cultivating and actually maintaining healthy habits isn’t a secret – but it does take a firm resolve and commitment.

And the best part of all, is by changing just a few simply daily actions – you can be well on your way to developing healthy habits – and actually sticking to them. 

Assess Your Current Reality 

Saying things like “I’m going to wake up at 6am every morning!” might sound like a good goal – and certainly is achievable – but take a look at your current reality.

Are you a night owl, who doesn’t even fall asleep until 3am?

Or, are you currently waking up at 10am each morning?

If so, drastically altering your entire sleep schedule with unattainable goals is setting you up for failure.

Instead, try something more basic like going to bed 15 minutes earlier each night, then 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, etc.

And if you’ve never gotten up at 6am your entire life – it might be nice to strive for something so challenging – but take a step back.

Instead of getting frustrated because you can’t seem to get up early, work toward cultivating the habit of going to bed and awakening the same time each day, insisting on 8 hours of sleep. 

Little by little you can get one step closer to your goal. 

Consistency Is Key

Successful people are consistent.  If someone is working to get in shape, they don’t go to the gym once a week and expect to have flat abs.

In the same token, if your goal is to keep a clean inbox, yet you only get around to organizing your online files every 6 months – you’re not going to succeed.

Remember –habits are cultivated in the day to day of life.

Making your bed each day, is a habit.  And if you do it every single day, it will become so automatic you won’t even think about.

Repetition really is the key to learning.  

When trying to stick to a habit, it’s not about some grandiose plan – it’s about the simple things you do every day. 

Break It Down Into Steps

Do you know what it is you are trying to achieve?  And why?

“Organizing my finances” is vague.  But something more specific like creating a budget – in order to save for retirement, college, a vacation, etc gives you a clear picture of what you are actually doing.

Let’s say you’re trying to save $1,000 and create an emergency fund – consider breaking it down into how much you need to save each paycheck to reach your goal. 

Perhaps you can find a way to save $50 a month – and at that pace you’ll have your emergency fund built up in about 1.5 years! 

Then break it down even more.

If you need to save $50 a month, that’s only $12.50 a week, or $1.66 a day.

You can surely find ways to pack your lunch or even cancel your Amazon Prime account to save that money!

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Go Easy On Yourself

Cultivating habits and sticking to them is not for the faint of heart.

It takes self-discipline and patience.

But the good news is, if you just take it day by day, and start to build habits, you will start to see results.

If you mess up one day, don’t beat yourself up! 

Just wake up the next day and do the next right thing.  Be persistent.

And before you know it, your new habits will be second nature.

Do you have a hard time keeping habits?

If so, what do you find to be the most challenging part?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below, and be share to share this article with your family and friends! 

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