Why Every Woman Should Find A Good Mentor

Some women enter the workforce like a deer in headlights with no one to steer them on the right path.

They make mistakes they could have avoided if only they “knew better”… and without guidance many women often struggle with how to “climb the ladder” and shatter the glass ceiling.

But those who have a mentor experience something totally different – they’re more confident in their abilities and have developed the skills to advocate for themselves at work.

Don’t have a mentor yet?

Here are just a few reasons why you should seriously consider jumping on the mentor train.

You’ll Learn From Their Mistakes

While mentors often share their success secrets like killer time-management techniques and creative ways to handle a crisis – if they’re good they’ll also share their mistakes. 

Learning from the mistakes of others can help make you a better leader – as you’ll learn what not to do if faced with a similar circumstance.

A good mentor will want to see you succeed in your career – and they’ll help steer you on the right path and provide solid advice.

Especially if you’re just starting out in your career – learning what sinkholes to avoid is invaluable.

Finally Advocate For Yourself

Depending on what career path you want to take – it can still be challenging to advance into a high leadership role as a woman.

Clearly this isn’t true in all work environments – but some women are still doubted for their abilities to lead – simply because they are female.

But when you find someone in your line of work whose been there and done it – that alone can be a source of encouragement.

And when you’re in a mentor/mentee relationship, if it’s done right they’ll get to know you and learn your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Having someone who thinks differently than you can help you see your own blind spots and work with you to sharpen your top strengths.

You can learn everything from how to ask for a raise or negotiate a title change.

Depending on their connections, they might even be able to help you land your dream job.

Sometimes women wrongly doubt their own abilities – but having a good mentor can help increase your overall confidence.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Female

Here’s the thing – just because you are a female doesn’t mean your mentor must be a woman.

You want to be mentored by someone who is good at what they do – competency matters just as much as character.

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If you’re looking to learn about your particular field, someone who is “nice” but struggles in their field is probably not the best selection.

Surrounding yourself with people who are smarter than you will make you sharper.

But competency isn’t everything – integrity is a must.

You want someone who will give you good advice – not encourage a cutthroat mentality that pits you against others.

Remember, you don’t need to tear others down just to get ahead. 

And finally, don’t just “take and take” from your mentor – you have valuable insight and thoughts to contribute too!

A truly successful mentor/mentee relationship benefits both parties.

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