Use The Lessons Learned During COVID-19 To Shape Your Future Self

One thing is certain – COVID-19 has impacted each and every one of us in some way.

From embracing hardships to golden opportunities to prioritize what’s most important in life, coming out of a worldwide pandemic will change us.

But the question is – will you allow it to make or break you?

You see, despite the fact that there are many things we can’t control (such as when the world will reopen) – there are many things we can control that will teach us invaluable lessons if we’re paying attention and open to growing.

Here are just a few blessings and lessons we can all learn from COVID-19 to help strengthen us.

We’re More Resilient Than We Realize

Many of us don’t realize how far we can be stretched until the moment comes where our worlds are shaken.

Businesses had to adapt quickly to helping their employees work from home – figuring out all the kinks and developing creative ways to keep in touch and still be productive.

Teachers found themselves teaching students virtually, and had to learn new skills to keep students engaged via distance learning.

Moms and dads had to figure out ways to work from home – and take care of the children who were home from school running around the house.

What seemed impossible to even imagine has become a reality in many homes – but people are getting it done and thriving!

We Need Each Other

In a culture that encourages independence, COVID-19 quickly reminded us just how much we need each other.

Whether it’s the healthy staying home to help keep the elderly and those with compromised immune systems safe, or a mom using her skills to sew masks for first responders – this crisis has brought everyone together.

Neighbors worked to look out for one another and go grocery shopping or run errands for those who couldn’t leave their home.

Other entertainment venues allowed free access to shows and plays, to give those suck at home an outlet to entertain their families.

And while in the past it might have been easy to overlook or not appreciate just how much each of us contributes to society, a new level of respect was shown to those on the front lines such as sanitation workers, nurses, and grocery store clerks.

This crisis reminded us all everyone has value – from the CEO to the custodian.

Quality Time Is Priceless

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts COVID-19 has given us is the gift of time.

Couples who never see each other suddenly find themselves locked in together 24/7.

Parents who found themselves always traveling for work suddenly found themselves home and able to eat dinner with their children each night.

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From Zoom conference calls to family date nights, many households are taking advantage of getting to spend quality time with each other.

Time is priceless – and so many times we’re all wrapped up in our own world we don’t get the chance to appreciate one another.

Hopefully moving past this pandemic, individuals will learn to appreciate the value of spending time with their loved ones and develop a new sense of gratitude. 

It’s All How You Look At Things

Sure, COVID-19 has certainly had its share of challenges.

There is a sense of collective grieving as people mourn the losses of graduation parties, weddings, and family reunions. 

And while there are things we can’t control, hopefully each person will come out of this worldwide pandemic a bit more thankful at the chance to start afresh and truly appreciate each moment.

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