The Better Change for a Better Me Challenge

In the age of social media, it’s impossible to scroll through Facebook or Pinterest without seeing a fitness guide, healthy eating challenge, or “reset” of some sort.

These super-fit, #goals girls preach their dozens of unrealistic-for-a-working-gal lifestyle changes that led them to look like the model they are. And I’m not putting them down for that—you go girl!

But let’s be real—most of us do work more than forty hours a week, sleep maybe 5 hours a night, and struggle to find time (or even remember) to eat.

Occasionally, we get fed up and try to follow their examples that are impossible to meet with our working-class schedules.

But the reality of the situation is that we can achieve the goals we want to, we just need to be a little more realistic about what we can handle in our busy lives.

And here is where Better Change Project comes in.

Join us as we offer our 90 day Better Change for a Better Me Challenge.

And—we promise—this isn’t your typical lifestyle challenge you see scrolling through Pinterest.

In this challenge, we won’t ask you to chug 32 ounces of celery juice a day or do high intensity workouts. Instead, we want to guide you on a mental, spiritual, and physical journey that you will actually enjoy going on with us. Remember to eat all three meals today? Great! Did you get outside for a short walk? Yassss!

Follow along with us as we learn to incorporate meditation in our daily lives, meal prep our lunches to pack, and finally clean out our closets the right way.

Want to join in? Download our #BetterChangeBetterMe calendar and worksheet, fill out your goals (or even start your own journal) and make the challenge completely your own!

Each day, we’ll be posting a new mini-challenge and posting our own weekly recaps where our Better Change Team guides you through their own weekly goals, challenges, and even failures —because a lifestyle challenge is a journey to a better you, and we want to keep it real here at BCP.

From a realistic exercise challenge you can fit into your busy mornings, meal plans that make it easy to eat healthy (and deliciously!), weekly organization challenges to help you get back on track, and guidelines on how to finally put your mental health first, we want to make it easy for you to fall into better habits with our Better Change community right there to cheer you on!

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Because this isn’t a challenge we want you to just scroll through and wish you could join—we want you to follow along and interact with our team. At any point during the challenge, contact us for personal advice and tips—just remember, we are a team of gals who love promoting better change based on our own experiences, and are not licensed nutritionists or medical professionals.

During the 90-days, be sure to tag us in your own challenges using the own hashtag #BetterChangeChallenge for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Sign up for our Better Change for a Better Me Challenge to get your challenge pack emailed to you, and show us some enthusiasm by commenting “I’M IN!” below!

The question you need to ask yourself is: are you ready to start a 90 day journey of self-discovery?

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