Take the Challenge- Week Three (Spiritual Health)

Here we are at week three! 

Every day, you are closer to making lasting positive changes in your life! 

In week three, we will be focusing on our Spiritual Health

Spiritual health can cover a wide range of things from your faith and religion, to having inner peace. 

As detailed in our introductory article here, each week will consist of different tasks in one category. Your challenge is to pick one task to complete out of each category per day. Tasks should challenge you, but not be so difficult that it becomes more damaging to your mental and physical health than if you hadn’t have done it. 

Click here to go to week two- Physical health. 

This week’s category is Spiritual health and well being. 

Our faith shapes our lives. We know that God created all things and that His spirit lives within us. When we focus and meditate on His love for us, every aspect of our lives are changed for the better. 

Ready to get started? Read over the days below and pick one task per day to get started! And remember, jot down your progress and any thoughts in a journal, or speak with an accountability buddy or therapist. 

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Spiritual :

  1. Day 1
    1. Start a gratitude journal. List the good things that God has done in your life and the ones that he is continuing to do. 
    2. Practice positivity. Take your negative thoughts and turn them positive. This isn’t easy! Doing so will change your “inner voice”.
  2. Day 2
    1. Take a 5-minute walk. Instead of listening to music, have a conversation with God. Or, just be still and surround yourself with His creation. 
  3. Day 3
    1. Go for a drive, and make a playlist of your favorite Worship songs. Don’t have any? Apps like Spotify have already made playlists for you to listen to. 
  4. Day 4
    1. Find a yoga studio, and spend some time peacefully meditating on the positive things in your life. 
    2. Do something creative! This one may seem more of the ordinary, but using our gifts and talents feels our spiritual well-being! 
  5. Day 5
    1. Start a devotional! Pick a two or three day one to start. From there, you can move onto longer ones!

There are themed devotions to help with everything from self-care to relationship and family issues. They provide scripture and a Biblical outlook on almost every area of your life.

  1. Day 6 
    1. Relax! Cuddle up with a book and light some candles. Have a night that’s devoted only to you relaxing. 
  2. Day 7
    1. Find an ebook or podcast to listen to that helps you in your spiritual growth! 

If you felt any of these really made a difference in your day, try to incorporate them into your schedule at least once a week! It only takes 21 days to form a habit! 

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