Micromanaging Your Employees Is The Kiss Of Death For Your Business

Every leader has a different way they manage their employees – and while many different styles work – there is the dreaded “micromanaging” type of boss everyone despises.

You know, the kind of boss who needs a status report of what you accomplished at the end of each day, or who tells you how to handle every situation.

While it could be just a new leader who hasn’t gained the confidence to “let go”, many executives have adopted the micromanaging approach to leadership because they think it’s best.

But the truth is, a culture dominated by micromanagers is the ultimate kiss of death, and here’s why.

It Shows Lack Of Trust

If you feel the need to manage every decision your employees make – clearly you don’t trust them.

Perhaps you are scared to give up control.

Or maybe you think you can do the job best.

Regardless of how you justify it in your mind, if you’re a good leader you’ll make sure your employees are equipped and trained in their specific role, so you won’t need to manage every decision they make.

Employees work best when they have the freedom to act without running every decision up the chain of command.

Of course, you get final veto power as their boss, but let go a little and you’ll be amazed at what they can do.

It Creates Co-Dependence

You want a team of employees who are trained to make wise decisions and handle things with grace during a crisis. 

But what happens when you go on vacation or are out of the office?

Can your team carry on business as usual, or will they freak out and not know what to do?

If they are used to being micro-managed, many will be so fearful of making the wrong decision, they won’t act.

Others literally won’t know what to do, because they’re so used to depending on you to tell them what to do.

Create a culture where you invest in the professional development of your employees and help them develop their skills.

You want a strong team who can pick up and run your business should you get hit by a bus tomorrow – not a frantic team who would fall apart and not know what to do.

They’ll End Up Leaving

Here’s the cold-hard truth – no one likes to have someone breathing down their neck throughout the day.

Sure, temporarily you may have obedient employees who do what you say (because they have to) – but you won’t earn their respect.

It’s exhausting to have someone critique every decision and snuff out individual creativity.

And when a better opportunity comes along (and it will) your employees will jump at the chance to take it.

People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.

Training Is Key

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The goal is not just to hire someone and turn them loose.

Of course, you need to build up the skillsets of your employees and manage the office culture. 

You can offer them incentives for completing additional training courses, or even allow your team to pick out 1 or 2 professional conferences a year they’d like to attend – and then pay their way.

If you invest in your employees, it will help make your overall business better.

You’ll earn their trust and loyalty – and they’ll be committed to their role.

However, if you happen to have a toxic employee who is a gossip or causing problems– jump on that quickly as they are like cancer to an organization.

Train your people well and you won’t need to micromanage them.

Not only is it better for them, but it frees up your time too!

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