4 Fun Ways To Get Organized While You Are Quarantined At Home

The coronavirus chaos is impacting homes across the country, and one can’t even turn on the news without hearing another sobering report of death or pain.

Perhaps your job has ordered you to work from home, or maybe you have a compromised immune system and it isn’t safe for you to venture out.

Whatever your situation is, staying home doesn’t have to be a death sentence!

In fact, if you use your time wisely you can take advantage of your extra time at home and tackle some serious organizational projects.

Not sure where to start?

Check out these incredible ways you can maximize your time at home to jumpstart your organizational goals.

Your Neglected Planner

You know that brand new planner you bought to get organized this year?

If you’re like most people, you have barely used it.

While you’re home, take the time to actually set up your planner to help you organize your life.

Throw away old receipts.  Scan business cards.  Consider bullet journaling as a way to keep yourself on track to hit your goals.

Bullet journaling is a soothing way to write out all your goals and tasks and keep everything in one place. 

If you get in the habit of crossing off your completed tasks and transferring everything from your mind to paper – you can hopefully keep that habit up once you are back to the real world.

The Dreaded Closet

We all have that dreaded closet we’d like to forget.

The one that we shove everything in that doesn’t have a place.

Maybe it’s a kitchen pantry with expired food and mismatched Tupperware.

Or perhaps it’s a coat closet that has a bunch of random junk like broken Christmas ornaments and coats that don’t fit.

While you’re home – give these spaces some love!

You can redo your entire pantry and give it a fresh look by labeling everything and pitching expired stuff.

Or maybe you choose your bedroom closet, where you can pull out old clothes to donate and color-coordinate your wardrobe for spring!

Since you’re stuck at home, make the best of it!

Finally Go Paperless

Now is the time to finally take those massive piles of paper and scan them!

If you don’t have a scanner, download an app from your phone which allows you to scan and organize your documents.

Get rid of all those loose pieces of paper that you want to keep but don’t have space for.

And remember, digital clutter is just as bad as physical! 

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Before you scan, make sure you create a system.

Have a place for financial, medical, personal, and other important documents.

Organize them by date or topic so you can easily search and find them later.

If you have a shredder – shred the physical copies.

No shredder? Place them aside and once the quarantine is over, purchase a shredder and get rid of all the excess.

Make it a rule that whenever a new piece of paper comes into your home, it either gets filed, scanned, or shredded.

This will help you maintain all the hard work you’ve started to digitalize your home.

Staying inside might seem dreary at first, but use it to your advantage as a way to organize your life and get a head start on productivity this spring!

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